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Meet the Gun Nuts!
Meet the Gun Nuts!
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Clark Aposhian

Clark Aposhian is often called on by local and national media for his amazing firearms expertise. He consults on matters of training qualifications, CCW statutes, rules, and implications of proposed changes in existing statutes each year by the Utah Attorney General’s office as well as by Utah Speaker of the House, and Senate President. Clark regularly meets, along with the other firearm’s rights groups, with the Utah Attorney General and his staff to discuss legislation and/or interpretation of statutes.

His views, methods and decorum have gained the respect of lawmakers and law enforcement. Clark’s views are consistent with the majority of Utah’s Concealed Carry Instructors. He has been able to achieve gains for those who choose to carry firearms by permit without compromising his core beliefs regarding lawful self defense or mitigating safety. Clark speaks to and debates legal issues and public concerns related to all aspects of Firearms & Self Defense.

Clark has been teaching Utah's CCW courses for over 12 years and has been an NRA instructor for 15 years. His credentials include.

  • NRA Certified Training Counselor.
  • NRA Instructor for NRA’s Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Defense, Personal Protection inside and outside the Home & Refuse to be a Victim Seminars.
  • Martial Arts Instructor 14 years
  • Tae Kwon Do (3rd Dan/Degree Black Belt)
  • Utah Certified Concealed Carry Instructor #100303
  • Chairman - Utah Self Defense Instructor’s Network (US-DIN)
  • Former Legislative Liaison for Gun Owners of Utah
  • Talk Show Host of "Guns I’ve Loved" KIQN
  • Director of Training - Totally Awesome Guns/Range
  • Chairman State of Utah Concealed Weapon Hearing/Licensure Board
  • Chairman Board - Utah Shooting Sports Council
  • Utah State Certified Bail Enforcement Instructor

He is available to speak at your special interest group, public/private school, University, Rotary or Fraternal Organization.

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