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Meet the Gun Nuts!
Meet the Gun Nuts!
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Andy Waits

Andy Waits was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, and moved to Texas as an 11 year old boy. He now considers himself a dual citizen of those two great republics... California and Texas.

As a teen in Texas, he spent lazy days at the Red River with a gun in his hand... shooting at snakes, sticks, and supposed adversaries. He's proud of the fact that he was never once overtaken by one of those imaginary bad guys.

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Brandy Vega

Brandy Vega is a lean, mean, fighting machine. Brandy graduated early from West Jordan High School in Utah and traded in her senior trip for the delights of boot camp and the Army Reserve where she enlisted as a broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist in 1995. She proudly served her country for eight years. During that time Brandy was fortunate enough to interview several national and international leaders, including: President Bush, the First Lady, Colin Powell, and Donald Rumsfeld.

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Clark Aposhian

Clark Aposhian is often called on by local and national media for his amazing firearms expertise. He consults on matters of training qualifications, CCW statutes, rules, and implications of proposed changes in existing statutes each year by the Utah Attorney General’s office as well as by Utah Speaker of the House, and Senate President. Clark regularly meets, along with the other firearm’s rights groups, with the Utah Attorney General and his staff to discuss legislation and/or interpretation of statutes.

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